Mood Scanner

Curious as to what kind of mood someone is in? Or maybe you can't really pin-point what kind of mood your in? If so, then you should give it a try. This fun free app will tell you exactly what kind of mood you are in.

Master Archer

Master archer is simple arcade game, where you have to shot as many fruits as you can. Enjoy the best archery game on the market. If you want to score more, improve your accuracy and hit the fruit in the center. You should be a good shooter or else you cannot pass the level.

Lie Detector Simulator

Funny game, which scans your finger and decides if you are telling truth. Ask question and hold finger on the fingerprint scanner until lie detector app scans and calculates the result.

Broken Screen Prank

When you touch your phone screen, the app simulates the cracked screen and make cracking sound on your phone. The broken effect is so realistic that all your friends will absolutely be freaked out.

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